• Becoming a Member
  • Membership Benefits
  • How to Use Your Points
  • Is this Really for You?

Becoming a Member

Step 1:

Choose How many Points you want based on:

  • Your Budget.
  • When you like to holiday (season).
  • Number of people.
  • Accommodation Quality you desire.

Step 2:

Decide how long you'd like to be a Member for:

  • You choose your product type.

Step 3:

Then, you sign up as a Member through one of our accredited agents.

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What membership gets you

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What Membership gets you

Accommodation benefits


4000+ international resorts & free local exchanges.


Exclusive discounts. Up to 65% off and access to Hotel Hunter.


Accommodation at 130+ local resorts & special discounts up to 60%.

Travel benefits

Premium Holiday Cover

Free Holiday Cover.


Your very own travel agent. Compare flights and save.

Car Hire

Expert travel consultants. Exclusive discounted car hire.

Lifestyle benefits

Body Bliss

Spa treatments and exclusive member discounts.

Lifestyle Centre

24hr complimentary services.


The Holiday Club™ branded merchandise.

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How to use your points

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How to use your Points

You get a new allocation of Points every Year

You Can:

Use your Points in the year they're allocated.

Carry them over for 3 years.

Borrow 2 years in advance.

Exchange them for international travel.

Use your Points for family, friends and/or staff.

Use your Points for spa treatments and THC merchandise.

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Is this really for you?

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Is this really for you?

Holidays are an investment

Holidays are less about Money and more about the value proposition.

If at the end of a holiday:

  • You are more relaxed and invigorated.
  • Your Family bonds are stronger.
  • You have hundreds of beautiful pictures in your memory.

...then spending on Holidays is worth more than anything else you spend your extra money on.

What I spend my extra money on:

Definite positive effect on my health or familyPossible negative effect on my health or family
Cell Phone

Desirability checklist

Are you looking for...The Holiday Club
1. Tomorrows holiday at today's prices
2. A way to pre-pay your holiday accommodation for years to come
3. A way to pay for your holidays in monthly instalments –easing financial pressure
4. International Holidays paid in Rands, with no harsh exchange rates
5. Self-Catering Holidays that save on costly restaurant bills
6. being able to choose where to go and when
7. a choice of multiple resorts in multiple destinations
8. Options for more than one holiday per year
9. A legacy of life-time holidays for your family

Holiday Club value timeline

Think about Holidays practically, as one does about financial investments. The Holiday Club means long-term holiday value for years to come at todays prices.

Your Age Now:

If you live to 80 years old (average life span in 2018 was 80 for males and 84 females)

10 Years
20 Years
30 Years
40 Years
50 Years
60 Years
Points Paid Off

Holiday savings indicator

What buying 25 Points in 2019 (less than R2000p/m) would be worth in savings over time:

The Holiday Club Versus Traditional Self-Catering Rental Accommodation
(6% Inflation)
R 27,886
Over 10 Years
R 77,825
Over 20 Years
R 167,259
Over 30 Years
R 327,422
Over 40 Years
R 614,228
Over 50 Years
The Holiday Club Versus Traditional Hotel Accommodation
(6% Inflation)
R 124,765
Over 10 Years
R 348,199
Over 20 Years
R 748,337
Over 30 Years
R 1,464,922
Over 40 Years
R 2,748,217
Over 50 Years
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Possible holidays

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