The Beekman Group

The Beekman Group

The Holiday Club™ is a member of the Beekman Group – one of South Africa’s leading corporate players in the developments and management of property in the leisure sector. 
With over 40 years of being actively involved in both property development and the leisure industry, the Beekman Group has emerged as one of Southern Africa’s leading corporate in their field. 
With property investments at well over half a billion Rand, actively managing just under 40 destinations in 4 countries and currently successfully servicing more than 80 000 members, Beekman Group has the experience, expertise and infrastructure to ensure The Holiday Club™ will meet your every expectation. For more information on the Group visit


Bram and John Beekman opened a paint contracting business called Beekman Group Painters in 1970. This expanded rapidly to become one the largest contracting companies in Johannesburg with a staff compliment of approximately 80 people. The company was sold in 1980.
Bram and John moved to Durban in 1980 where they diversified and entered the Vacation Ownership industry. Their first development situated at Banana Beach on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast was affiliated to RCI (UK) and paved the way for them to enter the local leisure industry. It also set the scene for the official launch of the Beekman Group in 1981, a respected developer and marketing pioneer of the Vacation Ownership industry. This was followed by the development of a further six conventional Vacation Ownership resorts under the Suntide brand, ending with Suntide Qunu Lodge at Qunu Falls near Ixopo.
Launched in 1993, The Holiday Club™ was established in South Africa and expanded into Australia, New Zealand and Botswana. The company introduced a flexible Points System, which meant that Members were no longer restricted to one destination for their family holidays but have a tremendous variety of choices in Southern Africa and overseas.

The Holiday Club™, the largest in South Africa has acquired investments in resorts throughout Southern Africa and has developed its own quality resorts in the most popular holiday areas of the region. Currently valued at over R730 million, these investments are administered by the Beekman Group and are held by The Leisure Property Trust. In addition, the Trust also owns stock in many resorts giving Members of The Holiday Club™ access to about 190 resorts in Southern Africa. The Holiday Club™ accounts for 40% of the total leisure industry’s sales within South Africa. The Holiday Club™ has expanded into both Australia and New Zealand and is actively investigating other potential markets.
Having gained invaluable experience in developing properties targeted at the leisure market, it was only natural that the Beekman Group would expand into property developments within the commercial and residential sectors.


John Beekman - Chief Executive Officer

John & the late Bram Beekman's first success came back in 1970 when they broke away from their father's painting business to start their own painting company. In 1980, they sold their business which at that point was among the top 5 in the country. The brothers then moved to Durban where they diversified and entered the timeshare industry and in 1981 officially launched the Beekman Group which has grown to become the biggest timeshare club in Africa. John is the Managing Director of the Group and his strengths are in property development, conceptualization and relationship building. 

Neville Beekman - Executive Director

Neville joined the Beekman Group in 1994 after graduating with a National Diploma in Business Management. After spending a few years working through the Group Operations and Sales, Neville became the Director responsible for resort development. He has since developed 13 resort properties, including The Kingdom Resort and Monomotapa Village at Legend Golf & Safari - both of which are high-end resorts. Neville is also responsible for New Business Development relating to all facets of the Group and was involved in the set-up of The Holiday Club Australia.

Cindy Allan - Executive Director

Cindy matriculated in 1992 with Academic Colours for Accountancy, Business Economics and Mathematics. She also received the Standard Bank Trophy for Accountancy and good fellowship. In 1995 Cindy completed her BCom in Accounts and Finance from the University of Natal. Cindy joined the Beekman Group in 1996 working her way through the various divisions of the Group. She has gained over 18 years experience in the leisure and property development industry and is now responsible for both the financial administration and human resources of the Group.

Wayne Beekman - Executive Director

In 1999 Wayne completed his BCom Degree majoring in Marketing and Business Economics before joining the Group in 2000. Over the years with the Group, Wayne's portfolio has grown to include IT, Marketing, Member Benefits and Residential Developments. Wayne has also been fundamental in the development of the environmental initiative of the Go Green and Recycling projects, which are essential for bringing the best green and energy efficient savings at all levels of the Group’s businesses and resorts around Southern Africa.

Steve McCarroll - Sales Director

Steve began his career in property marketing in 1980 with Silversands in Durban. In 1983 he moved to Johannesburg and formed a Marketing Company which was listed on the JSE in 1998. He was then approached by John Beekman to head the Sales and Marketing of the Beekman Group and has been with the company and watched it grow from strength to strength ever since. Steve, like John and Bram Beekman, has also been elected to the RCI Hall of Fame for his many contributions to the Leisure Industry and has also received the Sales and Leadership award from RCI four times.