How Are We Different From Timeshare?

The Holiday Club™ makes use of a unique and flexible Points System and isn't the same as traditional timeshare. The founders of The Holiday Club™, John and Bram Beekman, identified the limitations of conventional timeshare and designed a unique product that allows Members to customise their holidays according to their needs through the Points system. 

What Is Timeshare?

An owner buys a selected period of time at a Resort / Holiday Home and has access to it on an annual basis.
Example: John owns the week between Christmas and New Year at Happy Holidays Resort.  He and his family will go here every year as this period of the year in this property belongs to them. 

How is The Holiday Clubâ„¢ different?

Instead of buying a selected period of time you buy Points.  The Holiday Club™ has assigned a Point value to different periods of times, different unit sizes and different quality rooms at their various Holiday Resorts.  You can thus go to a variety of resorts - both locally and internationally - depending on the amount of Points purchased - during various times of the year.

Example: John buys 30 Points. He chooses to use 25 Points for the family holiday over Easter. He'll use his remaining 5 Points for a quick midweek breakaway to the beach in October. 

So don't hesitate. Enquire about how to join today.