Frequently Asked Questions

Dream Holidays To 1000's Of Destinations Worldwide
Where can I holiday?

The world is your oyster. As a proudly South African based company, we have explored our country far and wide to collect a portfolio of resorts that will leave you spoilt for choice. From fun-filled days at the beach, breathing in fresh mountain air or game spotting in the bush, just follow your whim. What's more, thanks to our affiliation partners, there is a vast array of international resorts at your disposal.

What type of resorts will I stay in?
To provide you with holiday flexibility, all of our selected and graded resort apartments are self-catering with their own dedicated kitchen area. Wherever possible, we have chosen resorts that are in close proximity to shopping areas, restaurants and local attractions. Most of our resort apartments are serviced daily (excluding Sundays & Public Holidays).
Will I have flexibility in choosing a apartment size when making a reservation?
We realise that your holiday needs will change from time, so we have secured a range of apartments that can comfortably accommodate most families, right down to a studio suitable for two. Simply indicate your preference when making a reservation.
Do your resorts have much to offer me whilst I am staying there?

By and large our resorts provide on-site activities to suit everyone. Activities generally range from sporting facilities, swimming pools, putt-putt, games room to a play ground for children. Our website and annual Private Edition magazine clearly indicate all the facilities available at our resorts.

How will I know what resorts are available to me?

Once a member, you will have an interactive website at at your disposal, with which you can view and make reservations for all the resorts that we have available. To assist you in searching for that ideal getaway we have grouped all our resorts according to where they are located and what type of holiday they are ideal for. We will also send you our annual Private Edition resort guide, which details all our resorts and keep you updated on promotional offers through our regular newsletters and sms alerts.

What about access to resorts internationally?

As a Member of The Holiday Club™, you will automatically become a member of iExchange. Through iExchange you will have access to an additional 4000 holiday resorts, both locally and internationally. There is no exchange fee payable when you book locally although international bookings do have an exchange fee, which is competitively priced. Your Points can be utilised to secure both local and international accommodation. International accommodation is also available on a rental basis. Via your iExchange Membership you are also able to make use of 1 Stop Travel Services. This travel agency is an internet based system offering competitive prices on airfares, car rental, transport options and much more.

What other benefits can The Holiday Club™ offer me?
  • Body Bliss Day Spas:  Selected resorts have Body Bliss Day Spas located on their premises. Treatments may be booked using your Points or alternatively you can pay cash for treatments at discounted rates.
  • Our Lifestyle Centre – Exclusive to our Members, it provides personal free assistance for a variety of daily needs through our friendly call centre team:
  1. Discount Dining: Enjoy great restaurant savings with our discount dining experience.
  2. Telesave/Telescout: Any information, product or service will be sourced for you at an amazing price.
  3. Home Emergency: Assistance in locating electricians, locksmiths or plumbers is just a telephone call away.
  4. Dial-A-Teacher: Qualified teachers are on call to help with homework and projects.
  5. Comp-U-Help: IT experts are available 24/7.
  6. Emergency Assistance: Immediate assistance for medical, roadside or home emergency.
  7. Advice Line: Free financial, legal, tax and other advice over the phone.
  8. Telewheels: Great savings on vehicles, service packages and parts.
  9. Teleconnect: Savings on cellphone packages and internet deals.
  10. Telebond: Excellent rates on your bond and cash back.
  11. One-stop-travel-shop: Let us help you book your travel arrangements with car hire and flights.
  • Merchandise: Utilise your Points to purchase a range of our branded merchandise.


The flexibility of the Points System
What are Points?

Simply put, our Points based system is a more flexible alternative to conventional timeshare ownership.

  • With Points, you are able to make as many reservations at various holiday resorts as your Points will allow – you are no longer restricted to the same holiday period, in the same apartment size at the same resort year after year.
  • Amazing destinations: 1000’s of resorts to choose from at no extra cost to you.
  • Unlimited holiday access: from quick breaks to weeks at a time; year round access with no black out periods and your apartment size is up to you.
  • Ultimate flexibility: Points are valid for 3 years and you can borrow twice as many as you own.
  • The perfect gift: Spoil your friends and family by booking holidays for them.
  • Easy booking: Extended call centre hours and online bookings 24/7/365.
What options do I have when purchasing Points?
All Points are sold on The Holiday Club’s™ behalf by our accredited marketing agents. The more Points you purchase, the higher the Membership tier you will be allocated to. (see next question)
  • The cost per Point – As this is market related you will receive a quote upon application.
  • Points range from 20 Year/Elite Plus  Points to Life/Infinity Points – The choice is yours.
  • Trade-In Points – With this option, you can transfer ownership of your conventional timeshare to The Holiday Club™ and we in return will allocate you with Points on an annual basis.
Are the number of Points owned reflected in enhanced member benefits?
Yes, the greater the number of Points owned, the greater the benefits you will be entitled too. We have centered our benefits on Reservations, iExchange, Leisure and Travel. Dependent on the number of Points purchased, you will be allocated a specific Benefit Tier and be given a Membership card accordingly:
  • Classic (Silver Membership) = 1 – 15 Points.
  • Select (Gold Membership) = 16 - 32 Points.
  • Advantage (Pearl Membership)= 33 – 49 Points.
  • Exclusive (Platinum Membership) = 50 – 79 Points.
  • Prestige (Ruby Membership) = 80 – 124 Points.
  • Optimum (Black Membership) = 125 plus Points.
How can I manage my Points?

It is our intention to provide you with holiday flexibility for as long as you are a member of The Holiday Club™. You can either personally manage your Points account online via our website or phone our call centre.

What fees payable to ensure full usage rights of my Points?

We do charge an annual membership and reservation fee. As with all organisations, The Holiday Club™ needs to secure revenue in order to finance the successful day to day running of the Club. Our costs include meeting the levy responsibilities of the resorts that we have contracted in, staffing costs and a range of miscellaneous expenditure to meet the needs of all our Members. Members can view our Annual Operating Statement in our Private Edition magazine. Every year we endeavour to keep our operating costs as low as possible. What's more, we offer discounts if payment is made by either debit order or credit card.

Can I sell my Points?

Should you wish to dispose of you Points you can do so by transferring ownership thereof directly to someone else or sell them through one of our accredited resale agents.

Making a reservation with your Points is a pleasure
How do I make a reservation?

You can either make a reservation online at (prior registration for a username and password is required) or simply call our Reservation Call Centre. Simply select the resort, apartment size and date of occupation in order to book your holiday. It is advisable to have a selection of resorts and dates at hand in case the resort or date of your first choice is not available. Once you have secured a successful reservation, you will be sent a Confirmation Letter to present at the resort's reception desk upon your arrival.

Can other people make a reservation on my account?
Provided that our "Authority to Transact" form has been completed and returned to us, we are happy to allow you to have the convenience of someone else being able to make reservations on your behalf.
How many Points would I need to make a reservation?
Our website, Private Edition magazine and call centre will indicate how many Points are required to secure a reservation at a specific resort.
Are more Points needed for an iExchange reservation?

No. You will be charged the same number of Points with iExchange reservations, as reflected in the Private Edition or online.

For how many days can I make reservation for?
Accommodation can be reserved in full weeks (7 days), midweeks (4 nights: Mon-Fri) or weekends (3 nights: Fri-Mon). Weeks are only split during off-peak periods. Please note that there are a few resorts that only allow for full week accommodation during off-peak periods. During peak periods holiday resorts do no split weeks.
What are Bargain Break savings?
There are discounts applicable on short notice Points reservations and are only applicable to inventory owned by The Holiday Club™ and are an added saving to our members. Depending on your Membership Tier, and the amount of weeks before check-in, you can qualify for between 10% and 65% discount.
What are Bonus Break savings?

As a Member of The Holiday Club™ you will have automatic access to discounted Bonus Rental accommodation, which allows you to take extra holidays without using your Points. Whether you are saving your Points for a special break or want to book additional apartments but don't have enough Points, Bonus Rentals are the answer!

Can I cancel a reservation once it is confirmed?
Yes it can be cancelled with no penalty. However, if cancelled close to occupation penalties in the form of a reduced number of Points being refunded will be imposed. It is of the utmost importance that you familiarise yourself with the rules contained on our reservation Confirmation Letter.
Info about The Holiday Club™ and the industry
How long has The Holiday Club™ been in operation?

Launched in 1994, The Holiday Club™ was established in South Africa and has expanded into Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Australia (Ultiqa). The Holiday Club™, the largest Points Club in South Africa, has acquired investments in resorts throughout Southern Africa and has developed its own quality resorts in the most popular holiday areas of each region. Currently valued at more than R730 million, these investments are administered by the Beekman Group and are held by The Leisure Property Trust. In addition, the Trust also owns stock in many resorts giving Members access to about 160 plus resorts in South Africa. The Holiday Club™ accounts for 40% of the total leisure industry's sales within South Africa. On average over 90 000 bookings are made annually and this equates to 5.7 million people having been sent on holiday since The Holiday Club's™ inception.

The timeshare industry doesn't enjoy a favourable reputation, what makes you different?

We are the first to concede that in its early years the timeshare industry was plagued by fly-by-night operators that tarnished the image of all of us. Thankfully, the industry has matured significantly since then, and through a set of operational rules and codes of conduct the industry is now fully regulated. As the largest club we have been at the forefront of bringing discipline into our industry. What's more, as all of our resort investments are held in Trust, your Points investment is protected. We have also been the recipient of numerous rewards for service excellence, visit for more info.

Is there a regulatory body that governs the timeshare industry in South Africa?

The Vacation Ownership Association of South Africa (VOASA) is the regulatory body that governs our industry. Not only does it impose rules and codes of conduct but it also ensures that all clubs have sufficient resort inventory on hand to meet the holiday demands of its members. VOASA also arbitrates in should a dispute arise between a club and one of its

How Can I be sure that I'm dealing with an Accredited Sales Agent?

We urge potential buyers and existing Members to be careful of companies or organisations offering fantastic options and promises regarding new Points ownership, resale deals or holiday discount schemes. For peace of mind, always make sure you only deal with an accredited agent of The Holiday Club™.

We have a list of organisations and travel companies that should be avoided or have been reported to us by Members as conducting dubious business practices. Click here for a list of The Holiday Club approved sales agents or to very accredited agents or agencies

The Holiday Club™ vs Traditional Timeshare
Why The Holiday Club™ is Different From Traditional Timeshare

The Holiday Club™ makes use of a unique and flexible Points System and isn't the same as traditional timeshare. The founders of The Holiday Club™, John and Bram Beekman, identified the limitations of conventional timeshare and designed a unique product that allows Members to customise their holidays according to their needs through the Points system. 

Find out more.